Steps to Take

Step 1


The initial meeting allows us to get to know one another and  map out your divorce strategy. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions in order to determine whether you think we will be a good fit.

This flowchart is a visual representation of the whole process.

Step 2


Once you have decided to hire me, it’s time to gather all of your relevant documents which will be provided via secure, online shared storage.

Step 3


Now it’s my turn. I will complete all of the data entry, analysis, research, and generate reports in preparation for your joint negotiation meeting.

Step 4


I’ll schedule a 1-2 hour session to review the findings and talk through different settlement options. I will work with you until all financial aspects of your settlement are agreed upon.

Step 5


Your settlement reports are finalized and delivered to you via secure, online delivery.

Step 6


I will provide you with referrals to quality family law attorneys who will draft your documents and file in court on your behalf.

It is important to have an advocate to help with the financial effects of divorce.